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Apache NiFi User Guide


03/11/2021  · Apache NiFi is a dataflow system based on the concepts of flow-based programming. It supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. NiFi has a web-based user interface for design, control, feedback, and monitoring of dataflows. It is highly configurable along several dimensions of …

Apache NiFi


Apache NiFi supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic. Some of the high-level capabilities and objectives of Apache NiFi include: Web-based user interface. Seamless experience between design, control, feedback, and monitoring. Highly configurable.

Solved: How to display a NiFi login window for http web br … – …


05/03/2017  · Solved: Hi All, Wanted to display the log in window for apache nifi http server. Can anyone please let me know – 138374

LDAP Authentication Issue which failing to login Nifi UI – …


06/02/2019  · nifi-app.log : 2019-02-07 15:24:40,475 ERROR [NiFi Web Server-22] org.apache.nifi.ldap.LdapProvider nifi.test:389; nested exception is javax.naming …

Getting Started with Apache NiFi


03/11/2021  · The default installation generates a random username and password, writing the generated values to the application log. The application log is located in logs/nifi-app.log under the installation directory. The log file will contain lines with Generated Username [USERNAME] and Generated Password [PASSWORD] indicating the credentials needed for access. Search the application log for …

NiFi System Administrator’s Guide


03/11/2021  · Once the above properties have been configured, we can enable the User Interface to be accessed over HTTPS instead of HTTP. This is accomplished by setting the nifi.web.https.host and nifi.web.https.port properties. The nifi.web.https.host property indicates which hostname the server should run on. If it is desired that the HTTPS interface be accessible from all network interfaces, a value of …

NiFi, Authentication and Authorization


15/11/2016  · Today, I’d like to write about NiFi auth. Auth is an ambiguous word, specifically, Authentication (AuthN) and Authorization (AuthZ). AuthN is a process to identify who they are. AuthZ is a process to allow what they can.

GitHub – apache/nifi: Apache NiFi


[NIFI-7033] wrong redirect from login/logout page when behind …


where on logout page, redirect url is composed purely using HttpServletResponse in LogoutFilter.java, 53 (without examining X-ProxyContextPath):

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What is the user interface for Apache NiFi?

NiFi User Interface. The NiFi UI provides mechanisms for creating automated dataflows, as well as visualizing, editing, monitoring, and administering those dataflows. The UI can be broken down into several segments, each responsible for different functionality of the application.

Which is a child project of Apache NiFi?

The NiFi User Guide describes how to build a data flow. Run the following command to stop NiFi: MiNiFi is a child project effort of Apache NiFi. It is a complementary data collection approach that supplements the core tenets of NiFi in dataflow management, focusing on the collection of data at the source of its creation.

How do I log in to NiFi server?

Accessing NiFi after accepting the self-signed certificate will display the login screen. Using the generated credentials, enter the generated username in the User field and the generated password in the Password field, then select LOG IN to access the system. The NiFi User Guide describes how to build a data flow.

How to roll back flow configuration in Apache NiFi?

You can use these archived files to rollback flow configuration. To do so, stop NiFi, replace flow.xml.gz with a desired backup copy, then restart NiFi. In a clustered environment, stop the entire NiFi cluster, replace the flow.xml.gz of one of nodes, and restart the node. Remove flow.xml.gz from other nodes.

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