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Log in using your username and password. The login screen appears upon successful coded ui tutorials for beginners

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ios – How to write UI tests covering login with Facebook …


20/04/2016  · I would like to write a UI test in Xcode covering a login with FBDSKLoginKit. However, Facebook iOS SDK uses SFSafariViewController presented to the user in order to authenticate her and unfortuna…

How to run UI Test with Facebook login · Issue #44 · …


30/05/2017  · Challenges. The challenges with Facebook is it uses Safari controller, we we deal mostly with web view for now. Starting from iOS 9+, Facebook decided to use safari instead of native facebook app to avoid app switching. You can read the detail here Building the Best Facebook Login Experience for People on iOS 9; It does not have wanted accessibilityIdentifier or accessibilityLabel; The webview …

SwiftUI Complex UI Tutorials – SwiftUI Login And Sign Up …


23/07/2020  · In this Video i’m going to show how to create Stylish And Cool Login Page And SignUp Page UI Using SwiftUI | SwiftUI Custom Segmented Control | SwiftUI Login…

Step-by-Step: Facebook Login Integration in Swift – Swift …


09/01/2020  · With that, you have successfully installed Facebook SDK into your Xcode project. In future whenever there is a newer version of Facebook SDK being released, you can run the pod install command at your root directory again to perform the update automatically. … With that, we are now ready to test on the Facebook login integration. Build and run your iOS app, you should see a blue color …

ios – How to check for the presence of static text …


07/07/2015  · I am using the UI test APIs introduced in Xcode 7 XCTest. On my screen I have a text that is loaded from the network. The test fails if I simply check it with exists property. XCTAssert(app.staticTexts["Text from the network"].exists) // fails It does work though if I first send the tap or any other event to the text like this:

Log into Facebook


Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

ios – In XCTest UI Testing, how to check the background color of …


29/07/2016  · XCTest is for functional testing, rather than asserting visual requirements. To test requirements such as background color, use a unit test to initialize the view controller in question and check the view’s background color there. You don’t need to rely on image comparison, and unit tests are a lot faster.

User Interface Tests – Apple Developer


A UI element in an application. Attributes exposed by UI elements. A set of attributes to express a snapshot of an element’s attributes and descendant user interface hierarchy. A method to capture a snapshot of an element’s attributes and descendant user interface hierarchy. A location on screen relative to some UI element.

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How do I add UI tests to a project in Xcode?

If you are adding UI tests to a project created before Xcode 7, see this answer. (File > New > Target > Test > Cocoa Touch UI Testing Bundle) Create an @IBOutlet and @IBAction in the ViewController and make the label text change when the button is pressed.

How do I login to my Facebook account on iOS?

Build and run your iOS app, you should see a blue color Facebook login button at the center of the screen. Click on the login button, you will be presented the Facebook login page. Enter the test user’s email address and password to proceed with login. If you setup everything correctly, you should see a confirmation page.

How to integrate iOS app with Facebook SDK?

Configure iOS project to use Facebook SDK. Integrate iOS app with Facebook SDK. Test Facebook login integration using test users. First, go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and click on the “Add a New App” button. This will bring up a dialog that guide you through creating a new app ID.

Why Facebook login integration is a must have feature in mobile app?

With the rise of social media, Facebook login integration has become one of the must have features in mobile app. Despite the fact that every developer is integrating Facebook login into their apps, Facebook is doing a very poor job on updating their documentations. In fact, some of the documentations’ sample code are still written in Objective-C.

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